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Weintek HMI Series
PT. DAIMN | Automation | Controller | Electrical

mTV-100 Machine TV Interface Machine TV Interface, ARM Cortex A8 600MHz CPU, 256MB RAM, 256MB Flash, SD Slot, USB, LAN, RS485, HDMI TV output.

The mTV-100 Machine TV Interface transforms a consumer TV into an industrial HMI display and brings HD 720p High Resolution ‘large screen’ process monitoring to the control room. Simply connect the mTV-100 to the Ethernet Router of the Weintek network, the HDMI output to any TV or Monitor with HDMI Interface and the mTV-100 will deliver networked HMI output to virtually any large, wide screen TV. The relatively low cost of HD TV units and the mTV-100 makes wall mounted, 1280 x 720p resolution graphic display a cost effective reality.