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Ideal for small, to mid-size applications that require low axis motion and I/O point counts Offers support for Integrated Motion over EtherNet/IP™ for maximized scalability Provides support for Device Level Ring (DLR) network topologies to help increase network resiliency Removes the need for lithium batteries with built-in energy storage Includes up to a 2-GB secure digital (SD) card for fast program save and restore Offers a smaller form factor for maximized cabinet space Supports up to 2 axes Kinematics for simple articulated robotics Open socket capability allows support for Modbus TCP as well as devices such as printers, barcode readers and servers GuardLogix Safety Controllers Features: Provides integrated safety and integrated motion in a single controller Supports integrated safety up to SIL 3, PLe CAT 4

ControlLogix PLC

ControlLoigx PLC is a new high-end PLC control system. Allen-Bradley Logix platform for discrete volume control, motion control, process control, drive, security control provides a single integrated control structure. Logix platforms provide a common control engine, programming software environment across multiple hardware platforms, communications support. All the Logix controller in a support multi-tasking, multi-operating system run under the process of dealing with different language versions of forms of support to the same set of instruction set.

Micrologix PLC

MicroLogix family of products offer three different levels of programmable controllers, namely:MicroLogix1000, MicroLogix1200, MicroLogix1500. MicroLogix1000 compact, full-featured, is an ideal choice for small-scale control systems; MicroLogix1200 be able to space-constrained environment, to provide users with powerful control functions to meet the needs of different application projects; MicroLogix1500 is not only functional, but also the needs of the project depending on the application for flexible expansion for applications that require high control system.

PanelView Plus 600 Graphic Terminals

Modular design includes logic, display, and communication modules
Base-configured terminal available with display and logic modules
Optimized for Logix control architectures and supports PLC-based and SLC™-based systems
18-bit color or 32-level grayscale graphics
RS-232 and Ethernet networks available through built-in communication ports
Network interface for optional communication module
One USB port

PanelView Plus 700 Graphic Terminals

6.5 inch color touch screen
Display Size: 132 x 99 mm, 640 x 480 resolution
Built-in Ethernet and RS-232 communications
Display Type: Color Active Matrix (TFT 18-bit color)
Internal Storage 512 MB, real-time clock, SD memory card slot
Certifications: cUL certified; UL Listed
Operating Temperature: 5 - 55oC (32 - 131oF)
Ratings: NEMA 12, 13, 4X, IP54, IP65

Micro 810 Controller

Offers 12-point controllers
Includes 8 A outputs, which replace the need for external relays
Supports program download through USB programming port (adapter required)
Allows you to monitor and modify application data using optional 1.5-in.local LCD
Allows you to configure and operate smart relay function blocks without programming (LCD required)

Micro 820 Controller

Offers 20-point controllers
Provides embedded 0...10V non-isolated 4 channel analog input and 1 channel analog output for speed control of an AC drive
Provides embedded communications via non-isolated serial port (for RS-232 and RS-485 communications) and Ethernet port Communicates via EtherNet/IP™
Provides embedded microSDTM slot for program transfer, datalog, and recipe management
Provides embedded support for up to four 10k thermistor temperature inputs
Supports program download through USB with an optional 3.5-in. Remote LCD
Supports up to two Micro800® Plug-in Modules

Micro 830 Controller

Offers 10-point, 16-point, 24-point, and 48-point controllers
Includes 100KHz speed high-speed counter (HSC) on 24V DC models
Supports as many as five Micro800® Plug-in Modules
Provides embedded motion capabilities by supporting as many as three axes with Pulse Train Outputs (PTO)
Provides embedded communications via USB programming port and non-isolated serial port (for RS-232 and RS-485 communications)
Operates in -20…65 °C (-4…149 °F) temperatures

Micro 850 Controller

Offers 24-point and 48-point controllers
Includes 100 kHz speed high-speed counter (HSC) inputs on 24V DC models
Provides embedded communications via USB programming port, non-isolated serial port (for RS-232 and RS-485 communications) and Ethernet port
Supports up to five Micro800® Plug-in Modules
Supports up to four Micro850® Expansion I/O Modules, up to 132 I/O points
Provides embedded motion capabilities by supporting as many as three axes with Pulse Train Outputs (PTO) Communicates via EtherNet/IP™
Operates in -20…65 °C (-4…149 °F) temperatures

Micro 850 Expansion I/O

Provides additional analog I/O, digital I/O and specialty capabilities
Offers removable terminal blocks for ease of installation, maintenance and wiring
Supports as many as 132 I/O points on each Micro850® controller (maximum of 4 expansion I/O modules)

2085 Analog Expansion I/O Modules
Analog input and output modules available: 4-channel, 8-channel, isolated
High resolution
High accuracy

2085 Digital Expansion I/O Modules
Variety of DC and AC discrete modules available to suit different applications
Solid-state output modules available for applications that require more than relays
High-density discrete I/O module available to reduce space consumption

2085 Specialty Expansion I/O Modules
Resistance temperature detector (RTD) available (4-channel, isolated)
Thermocouple (TC) modules available: 4-channel, isolated
High accuracy

2085 Bus Terminator Expansion I/O Modules
End cap terminator

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