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s7 1500

Innovative design and easy handlingfor simple use and commissioning as well as safe operation Integrated system diagnostics for full transparency of the plant status, automatically generated and consistently displayed TIA Portal for maximum engineering efficiency and reduced project costs Fast, faster, SIMATIC S7-1500: The exceptional system performance allows for extremely fast response times for optimal control quality and highest system performance.

Processing SpeedSIMATIC S7-1500 provides even faster signal processing for shorter response times and higher productivity. High-Speed backplane busThe new backplane bus with a high baud rate and efficient transmission protocol yields the crucial performance advantage for fast signal processing. CommunicationSIMATIC S7-1500 has multiple PROFINET ports and IP addresses: Two ports with identical IP addresses for field level communication and a third one with its own IP address for integration into the company network. PROFINET IO IRT allows defined response times and highly precise plant behavior .+ Integrated Web serverCPU status requests are performed over a standard Internet browser, independent of location. Process variables displayed in graphics form and user-defined websites facilitate the acquisition of information.

s7 1200

The True Power Box is the ideal way to get to grips with S7-200 PLCs, Included in the kit is an S7-200 AC/DC/DC PLC, MicroWIN V3.2 programming software, RS-232/PPI cable, an input simulator, a system manual plus a 1 hour starter guides and a motor

s7 300

The modular controllers for innovative system solutions in the manufacturing industry.The SIMATIC S7-300 has been designed for innovative system solutions with the focus on manufacturing engineering, and as a universal automation system, it represents an optimal solution for applications in centralized and distributed configurations.The product range comprises 7 Standard CPUs, 6 Compact CPUs, 6 failsafe CPUs and 2 Technology Siemens PLC CPUs.
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