Company Profile

We Have Experience in Industry

PT. DAIMN is an Automation Company and General Trading for Industrial Service and support. Since 2007 we are focused support for industrial service, and now we have experience in Automation, Electrical, Control, Mechanical and Data Acquisition to give more service for industrial needed in Industry 4.0 application.

Authorized Distributor Weintek Indonesia

We are the Authorized Distributor of HMI Touch Screen Weintek in Indonesia, and have become a reliable partner with excellent service and always strive to provide quality HMI Weintek products. The main reason we provide services in the field of HMI Touch Screen by using Weintek Products is because Weintek is a brand and company that is consistent in providing innovation and various developments in the world of Human Machine Interfaces that follow the latest technologi advances and trends in various kinds of innovations that are developing today.

PT. Daimn is committed to always providing the best service for customers and users of Weintek HMI, both in terms of providing hardware and as a Support Integrator for developing customer needs in the world of Automation Industry. We will always try to provide support for customers as well as input for the development of HMI Weintek going forward to always be the choice of customers in meeting the needs in the world of automation.

WEINTEK Leading Innovation

Weintek was not limited to the conventional HMI architecture: LCD + Touch Panel + Mother Board + Software, and introduced the CloudHMI cMT Series. Since the introduction of Tablet, tablet PC has become more than a consumer product, and has gradually been deployed in diverse fields. Soon, the industry field will see influx of tablets. The CloudHMI cMT Series can perfectly integrate HMI and tablet PC, and fully utilize the advantage of tablet PC to bring an unprecedented HMI experience.

Application and System

Over the year we have lots of experience in our field. In automation system and software or hardware we give supporting for our valuable customers.